Black Wall Street Arts // 03.26.19

Friday, March 26

Conciliation suggests mediating between parties at odds with one another. It also allows space for acknowledgment, apology, and reparation.

We are celebrating ADCT’s final Shop Talk of the season with our friends at Black Wall Street Arts to learn about the incredible things happening for the city of Tulsa through art and collaboration in the Greenwood District.

Black Wall Street Arts is a non-profit organization created to grant access, create platforms, and bridge the racial gap in Tulsa to build better relationships, primarily between black and white citizens of Tulsa. The twelve-month Conciliation series, created by Founder Dr. Ricco Wright, pairs black and white artists of various media to build personal and group relationships that cultivate meaningful, lasting bonds.

Friday, March 26 | 6pm
101 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120